“Yogyakarta’s Best Travel Guide”

It was our first time in Yogyakarta and a good friend of mine recommended Travel Lover, helmed by Anita @anitariadcliffe. I decided to try Anita’s service in comparison to the rest as she was the guide for 2 groups of my friends and they have nothing but praises for her.

We did 10days in Jogja. From the initial itinerary planning for the various adventure activities such as bookings to climb Merapi Volcano, everything was done seamlessly and super fast. The planning was detailed (I’ll attach pictures later so you folks can use mine ;)) and the price was super reasonable too.

I made a special request for Anita to prepare something for me as i wanted to surprise my partner at the peak of Merapi with a bouquet of flowers. No complaints, she did it so willingly and help out as well.
(Boyfriends, you know who you can count on ;))

Through our 10 days of travel with Anita, we did a couple of last minute changes and she manage to pull off our request with the various operator of the activities almost instantly. I swear all these operators managing the various activities is Anita’s friend. They even greeted her like a long time friend. Being with her seemed like almost anything is possible. She even bargained down prices for us to a crazy low rate.

We really enjoyed our stay in Jogja with no bad experience or scam. Anita is more than just our travel guide. She is our friend and we’ll definitely go back and visit her as well as other parts of Jojga.

Visited December 2016

by Lesner, Singapore


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