Best 5 Boutique Hotel in Yogyakarta Under $60/night

In order to help travelers to find a great place to stay in Yogyakarta, all of hotel recommendations that we have post here are depend on our experiences.  We always recommend hotel with great design, comfortable matters, and located in convenient location.  Plus, hotel rate is one of our consideration.

Accommodation rates often change with room availability, and low or high seasons. We recommend double checking for the final prices before confirming your booking.

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1) Greenhost Boutique Hotel – Prawirotaman

No. 20 of 188 Hotel in Yogyakarta    by    TripAdvisor 

This hotel has minimalist design for the rooms and green design for almost entire places.  The three main elements of wood, plants, and concrete is nicely accentuated with the swimming pool facility. With high reviews from occupants, we certainly foresee a lot of “growing” business for this one outstanding hotel. After launching movie “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2”, Greenhost became famous for tourist moreover for locals. On the ground floor there’s a swimming pool and an exhibition space where Greenhost holds exhibitions and events for artists, designers and others in the arts scene from Yogyakarta and Indonesia.

Address: Jl. Prawirotaman II No. 629, Mergangsan, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55153

Website :

2) Dusun Jogja Village Inn

No. 2 of 188 Hotel in Yogyakarta    by    TripAdvisor 

The “village” here really figures the hospitality of Indonesian people and atmosphere in the village. The hotel has a central garden courtyard with a large pool. The rooms at the hotel are spacious and comfortable. Bedrooms have balconies where you sit and chill in the evening with your partner or family. Mostly the traveler are foreigners, family, or couple who love to relax and enjoy the atmosphere here. The location is a bit in the south from the city but you still can walk, catch becak or taxi.

Address :  Jl. Menukan 5 Karangkajen – Yogyakarta 55153 Indonesia.

Website : 

3) Duta Garden Hotel – Prawirotaman

#31 of 188 Hotels in Yogyakarta  by    TripAdvisor 

Duta Garden is a little old fashioned but that’s all part of its charm are good. It has spacious rooms & beautiful established gardens with a waterfall cascading into the lovely pool. Immaculately clean & well maintained. You will feel like home somehow. Duta Garden has 3 type of rooms : DELTA for homestay, DUTA  for guest house, and DUTA GARDEN for the boutique villa. All of them have the same design. For the furthur information, you can take a look from its website.

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4) Puri Artha – Java Bali style

#37 of 188 Hotels in Yogyakarta  by    TripAdvisor 

Puri Artha rates were so good round $27 a night and it could be $21 if you book early on weekdays. The hotel exterior it’s mixed of Balinese and Javanese culture. The rooms are outdated but spacious. Swimming pool was well maintained with lockers and a shower room and a guard. Best of the best is they have very nice meals (breakfast or room services). So, make sure you book the room and breakfast from this hotel.  Traditional song and accompaniment is performed at each meal. If you are looking for a place that is worth it, go to Puri Artha hotel.

5) Ibis Style – Youthful Property

#18 of 188 Hotels in Yogyakarta  by    TripAdvisor 

Hotel Ibis style is located in Malioboro district within walking distance, the trusted name in hotel chains – Ibis – delivers youthful vibes with a colorful and pop modern concept suitable for young traveler or even for family tour. Ibis Style will not disappoint you in terms of stay and service. Very cheerful and helpful team here at Ibis Styles, from security to F&B and housekeeping team, moreover the customer service was delightful.  The room a bit small but nice and clean. Take some time to see sunset from the room top. Otherwise, bring your swimming suit to swimming pool on the rooftop and have beers  at sunset time.

 Website :

Special Mention : Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast

#148 of 433 B&Bs / Inns in Yogyakarta  by  TripAdvisor

Rumah Paris B&B is especially famed for their unique interiors and vintage furnishing that transports anyone who sets foot in it to old Paris.  They only have 4 rooms but all of them has the most unique and complete collection of European property. Local tourist from other city of Indonesia love to have experience to stay in this little Paris.


Address :  Jl.Parangtritis km 8.4 Tembi Timbulharjo, Yogyakarta 55186, Indonesia

Website : – 

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