Aquaterrace, Amed, BALI

Hotel : Aquaterrace, Amed, Bali, Indonesia

#20 of 80 Restaurant (B&B) in Amed, Bali   (8/10 for boutique Hotel and Breakfast)

Facilities : Rooms, Japanesse Restaurant, Massage


Lucky me booked this hotel in low season of tourists so that I can book the best room called “terrace”, which is the only room that has sea view in the second floor. The room has terrace and we can see the ocean from the bed, and the view was wonderful!  The room was nice,  clean, but I don’t really like the bath room as it leaking everywhere, eventough it has a sea view as well on its bathtub. They serve Indonesian/western breakfast and some salad, breads, and juices for tea time. I love it very much. Their service also good, very friendly and helpfull.

It has swimming pool and very nice courtyard to chill out with sea view. Aquaterrace has few rooms only, so if you want to book it, book it in advance.


This place is located little bit in in the corner which is a bit far to get foods. But this hotel serves japanesse food which is it’s good for made by locals. I have heard that the owner is from Japan, so no wonder they can made it perfectly.


The best things to do after exploring around is massage! They have best place to doing massage : near the beach!! So you can hear the wishpered wave slowly makes you relax and sleep. The rice also worth it. They have doscount 50% for happy hours.


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